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Wedding Venue Events

A small family farm is looking for a lucky couple to have their wedding at a secluded and exclusive new venue in Southern Minnesota. They're looking for a couple who cares about the earth, sustainable farming and will appreciate the storied history of the homestead. Talk to me about social distancing ceremonies today.

NC Events
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Naptime Crafts and Events Social Distancing Fun!

We're bringing Naptime Crafts back, but this time it's all online! We'll be launching a website shortly that will help you order stencils from our classes and make them at home. Look for online ordering, tutorials and zoom classes in the comming days.

Naptime Crafts Facebook Page
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Project Manager Consulting

Currently available for your summer 2020 project. I love helping enthusiastic groups of people acheive extraordinary results!

Preferred work includes: Web Design and hosting,Data and record keeping, Data Analysis, Agricultural or Landscape projects.

My Resume

Websites and Online Marketing

I have the tools and knowlege to design, create and market your website or business online.

Graphic Design

It's important to have a website where your customers can contact you and get the information they need. You also want your website to find people who are looking for your product or services. With a website optimized to show up in your potential customers search results you can increase your business today.

Data Management & Record Keeping

I love using the power of computers to crunch the numbers and provide concrete feedback and metrics. Too many businesses nate notes on their processes, and putting receipts in a drawer but never get the time to compile all their data much less analyze it. Let me be in charge of recording your data, receipts or finances on an ongoing basis so they never pile up on you again. I can even utilize software to creat easy comprehend analysis in the form of charts graphs or a custom solution that works for you.

Aerial Photography

I've recently purchased a drone. Talk to me today to see how drone services can improve your real estate, agriculture or marketing efforts.


I'm an avid outdoorman, naturalist and athlete. Check out some of my trips and get inspired for your next trip. Talk to me about renting a Jeep and exporing the canyons of Mojave Desert or floating a river in Southeastern Minnesota.


I've spent 10 years working with plants, farmers, pests, gardeners, growers, processors and scientists. Do you have a project you want done but never can find the time to get it done with your busy schedule? I can take it over for you and get it done timely and on budget.

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